Helping you fuel the world

We take pride in moving the product that literally fuels the world

We believe that all of our producers, big and small, should be awarded the same access to quality service and a strong price. Too many times producers are forced to make the decision between service or price. At BlackRock Midstream we provide both!

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Purchasing Oil

Our team has many years of experience in purchasing and moving crude oil and condensate. It’s our responsibility to our producer to keep up with crude pricing trends to maximize your bottom line. We monitor market trends to ensure producers get the best value for their product.

Our Markets

Logistics and Monitoring

We understand you can’t get paid on oil that isn’t hauled. Communication, timely pickup, and accurate gauging & measurement are important pieces of the oil hauling process. We offer 24/7 dispatch service and electronic ticketing, therefore, from the moment you schedule your load to the time that it is hauled, you will receive updates so you are never left in the dark!

Our crude oil and condensate ‘market access’ consists of close to 30 injection points and crude terminals. These networks were built on our expertise and relationships over the years and are constantly growing. Having access to a system of markets throughout New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and the Gulf Coast allows Blackrock Midstream to provide our producers with the best service while not sacrificing on the price.

What we do

BlackRock Midstream brings years of experience in purchasing oil and crude logistics.

Whether it be via truck, rail, or pipeline we strive to no only provide you the best price for your crude but safe & reliable service. You work hard to bring us a product that keeps the world moving, let us take some of that burden off your shoulders